Peace, innovation and sustainable development in Africa

by 26 May 2021UNESCO

Africa Week at UNESCO May 25th – May 29th, 2021. A critical view of the reality!

As nice as all those celebrations are and that so many people have put so much effort into make it happening we should not forget that the situation in Afrika is far from being good. Do UNESCO Projects and Programs actually help or are they only theoretical constructs which fail in reality or which will in its proposed forms never happen?


UNESCO is a Policy Maker and that means words and no actions so you need to address your needs to another organization which perhaps pay their staff only a fraction of what a policy maker earns at UNESCO but which are also doing actions and projects instead of spreading words. I had been part of the 10th Workshop abut All Inclusive Education in Bangkok in 2004 and since than really NOTHING changed!!! I wished all the great ideas would have been taken into action nearly 20 years later but it is not the case. All actions which really happened happened NOT by UNESCO but instead by often pretty poor (financially equipped) initiatives to help at least a little bit here and there. Just as an example. Maria Montessori had been honored by UNESCO 70 years ago for her speech on 19 June 1951 .


Does the UNESCO Program reflect any of the points Maria Montessori mentioned in her speech in 1951?

Click on the 2021 program Link and see that the 2019 program will pop up!

Who can participate on those events? Are those suffering even invited?

Check out what happened ever since. Well yes, UNESCO has put headers on paper and wrote here and there nice pamphlets and even than UN made a UN-Montessori – Project – laughable – sorry to say that. It is a shame to see on the one hand side the huge salaries of UNESCO employees and on the other hand side the poor people they actally should receive more help in education. All Inclusive Montessori Education for All is NOT an UNESCO Project but an initiative some individuals now started to do what UNESCO should have done already 70 years ago. Making Montessori Schools and Montessori Education available for ALL children in the world – so in Africa. Instead in the past 90 years the commercialization – steered from an US initiatives with private monetary interests until now determines Montessori and every year we get further and further away from what Maria Montessori originally wanted to happen. Let’s start here together with parts even from the original Montessori Family and do 100 years later what should have been done already 100 years ago. MAKING MONTESSORI world accessible. Are you in? we started here and more to come https://montessoriafrika.com (we used the “k” in africa because all other .com’s where already taken by for profit people.)

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