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All Inclusive Montessori Education for All in Africa, Asia,
Australia, Europe, North, Middle and South America.

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Global Outreach

Global: All Inclusive Montessori Education For All – AIME (Love) 4 All

Location: 15/21 M.2 Viset Road, Rawai, Thailand 83130

Telephone: +66 (81) 606 3378 (Whatsapp)

Email: aime@montessoriafrika.com

Montessori Afrika is meant as a platform and starting point for all Montessori Initiatives and people interested in an “All Inclusive Montessori Education for All” (AIME4ALL) in Afrika and we hope that the transformation in Africa can be an example for the rest of the world.

The website and Facebook page is managed by “LisAndi Co, Ltd.” which promotes “All Inclusive Montessori Eduation for All” and educational Training especially for underprivileged kids and their families since 2004 and runs several other educational projects. We like to build up a peaceful world following the ideas Maria Montessori has written in her book “Peace and Education” (Please take your time and read it for Free).
Learn more about our (LisAndi) Motivation in our “About” section.

LisAndi Co., Ltd. will function as a legal entity for the website and connected FB Page to facilitate the formation of a legal entity for all Africa and legal entities in each country which represents the mission and vision of AIME4ALL. It will be open for all interested people, organizations and associations to join. We have big vision but it is feasible if everyone pulls together into the same direction towards AIME4ALL. It will do its best to facilitate this process and it will also try to create some basic funding with its webapplications. It will do this by providing commercial services to Montessori Institutions and others as well as to interested people and part of the funding will be used to fund the Montessori Afrika – Projects – we initiate and support.

African Outreach

Africa: Association Montessori Afrika – AMA-Afrika (on our roadmap)

Location: will be set up democratically together by all Africans perhaps even with a Curatorium of Experts from all over the world and Afrika. (it will be the roof of an All African United Montessori Aproach.

Meet others on AMA-Afrika Whatsapp and Montessori Afrika Community

Roadmap: Things we need to look at before we finalize an Association i.e.:

  1. Legal framework: Purpose, Mission, Statutes, Organizational Structure, Legality
  2. Membership: Who can become a member, requirements, rules, fees etc.
  3. Governance: Head Quarter, Chapters, Partners, Affiliates, Representatives etc. p.p.
  4. Manamgement: All voluntary work or enumerated? What positions? Who can sign? Alone/Together? Who is controling the Management? Fund raising? Where and how do funds get managed and distributed – Criteria, Advertisings to find Donors etc.
  5. Strategic outlook: what will be the road map, milestones, timeframe etc.
  6. What will happen in case of a necessary dissolution of the Association: Who will get the funds, assets, what about the “employees”, what about the paid members etc.
  7. Doing research and setting up conferences and workshops etc.Please keep in mind that most activities can already be started without this Association. In Africa we have many qualified Montessori teachers which are actually out of work and we have many projects which are in need of qualified teachers, we only have to find both and bring them together and find funding and additional training and i.e. materials, furnitures etc. for them. Most countries would need a local foundation anyway!


Montessori Afrika Members

Montessori Afrika Members & Supporters

We are a group of Montessori Professionals which have skills beside the traditional Montessori Curriculum. We are Certified Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Web Developers, Movie Makers, Authors, Carpenters, Artists, Musicians, Engineers, … etc. from all kind of backgrounds but with one global vision and mission: Making All Inclusive Montessori Education For All a reality in every country of the world. With Montessori X and Montessori Afrika we hope to transform a whole continent into Montessori Afrika!

A Word

From Our Inspirator

” True peace … suggests the triumph of justice and love among men; it reveals the existence of a better world where harmony reigns.”
(Peace and Education)

– Maria Montessori