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All Inclu­sive Montes­sori Edu­ca­tion for All in Africa, Asia,
Aus­tralia, Europe, North, Mid­dle and South America.

Our Mis­sionOur Vision

Global Outreach

Glob­al: All Inclu­sive Montes­sori Edu­ca­tion For All — AIME (Love) 4 All

Loca­tion: 15/21 M.2 Viset Road, Rawai, Thai­land 83130

Tele­phone: +66 (81) 606 3378 (What­sapp)


Montes­sori Afri­ka is meant as a plat­form and start­ing point for all Montes­sori Ini­tia­tives and peo­ple inter­est­ed in an “All Inclu­sive Montes­sori Edu­ca­tion for All” (AIME4ALL) in Afri­ka and we hope that the trans­for­ma­tion in Africa can be an exam­ple for the rest of the world.

The web­site and Face­book page is man­aged by “LisAn­di Co, Ltd.” which pro­motes “All Inclu­sive Montes­sori Edu­a­tion for All” and edu­ca­tion­al Train­ing espe­cial­ly for under­priv­i­leged kids and their fam­i­lies since 2004 and runs sev­er­al oth­er edu­ca­tion­al projects. We like to build up a peace­ful world fol­low­ing the ideas Maria Montes­sori has writ­ten in her book “Peace and Edu­ca­tion” (Please take your time and read it for Free).
Learn more about our (LisAn­di) Moti­va­tion in our “About” sec­tion.

LisAn­di Co., Ltd. will func­tion as a legal enti­ty for the web­site and con­nect­ed FB Page to facil­i­tate the for­ma­tion of a legal enti­ty for all Africa and legal enti­ties in each coun­try which rep­re­sents the mis­sion and vision of AIME4ALL. It will be open for all inter­est­ed peo­ple, orga­ni­za­tions and asso­ci­a­tions to join. We have big vision but it is fea­si­ble if every­one pulls togeth­er into the same direc­tion towards AIME4ALL. It will do its best to facil­i­tate this process and it will also try to cre­ate some basic fund­ing with its webap­pli­ca­tions. It will do this by pro­vid­ing com­mer­cial ser­vices to Montes­sori Insti­tu­tions and oth­ers as well as to inter­est­ed peo­ple and part of the fund­ing will be used to fund the Montes­sori Afri­ka — Projects — we ini­ti­ate and support.

African Outreach

Africa: Asso­ci­a­tion Montes­sori Afri­ka — AMA-Afri­ka (on our roadmap)

Loca­tion: will be set up demo­c­ra­t­i­cal­ly togeth­er by all Africans per­haps even with a Cura­to­ri­um of Experts from all over the world and Afri­ka. (it will be the roof of an All African Unit­ed Montes­sori Aproach.

Meet oth­ers on AMA-Afri­ka What­sapp and Montes­sori Afri­ka Com­mu­ni­ty

Roadmap: Things we need to look at before we final­ize an Asso­ci­a­tion i.e.:

  1. Legal frame­work: Pur­pose, Mis­sion, Statutes, Orga­ni­za­tion­al Struc­ture, Legality
  2. Mem­ber­ship: Who can become a mem­ber, require­ments, rules, fees etc.
  3. Gov­er­nance: Head Quar­ter, Chap­ters, Part­ners, Affil­i­ates, Rep­re­sen­ta­tives etc. p.p.
  4. Man­amge­ment: All vol­un­tary work or enu­mer­at­ed? What posi­tions? Who can sign? Alone/Together? Who is con­trol­ing the Man­age­ment? Fund rais­ing? Where and how do funds get man­aged and dis­trib­uted — Cri­te­ria, Adver­tis­ings to find Donors etc.
  5. Strate­gic out­look: what will be the road map, mile­stones, time­frame etc.
  6. What will hap­pen in case of a nec­es­sary dis­so­lu­tion of the Asso­ci­a­tion: Who will get the funds, assets, what about the “employ­ees”, what about the paid mem­bers etc.
  7. Doing research and set­ting up con­fer­ences and work­shops etc.Please keep in mind that most activ­i­ties can already be start­ed with­out this Asso­ci­a­tion. In Africa we have many qual­i­fied Montes­sori teach­ers which are actu­al­ly out of work and we have many projects which are in need of qual­i­fied teach­ers, we only have to find both and bring them togeth­er and find fund­ing and addi­tion­al train­ing and i.e. mate­ri­als, fur­ni­tures etc. for them. Most coun­tries would need a local foun­da­tion anyway!

this mail gets dis­trib­uted to all coun­try rep­re­sen­ta­tives list­ed on our coun­tries Pages (in process to get the people)!

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All-Inclu­sive Montes­sori Edu­ca­tion for All should not be a dream any­more in Africa/Afrika and any­where else in the world. Join us as a mem­ber and show your sup­port and needs on your per­son­al mem­ber page! Reg­is­ter today, build up your pro­file.
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A Word

From Our Inspirator

” True peace … sug­gests the tri­umph of jus­tice and love among men; it reveals the exis­tence of a bet­ter world where har­mo­ny reigns.”
(Peace and Edu­ca­tion)

- Maria Montessori